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BumbleB English June Update

Monthly Update June 2023

As we enter the summer break, many students have mentioned they would like to take the month of August off. Normally we don’t hold regular lessons in August but instead hold special classes focusing on topics such as reading comprehension, presentation, phonics, etc…

Additionally, during July and August, we will be working on our new online academy. Contact us for more information: [email protected]

Monthly Update May 2023

In our kids’ group lessons, vocabulary development was a key focus. In the future, we will incorporate spelling, as spelling becomes important for students entering junior high school. Beginner-level classes progressed well, with progress in alphabet learning and phonics. Reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and expressing opinions were emphasized in private lessons for high school students preparing to study abroad. Advanced adult students engaged in reading and discussing articles on interesting topics, while focus was given to helping a doctor prepare for presentations. 

BumbleB English April Monthly Update

Monthly Update April 2023

While there was interest in group adult lessons, the school was unable to create a class due to insufficient demand. However, they have been successful in advancing their group kids lessons, focusing on reading comprehension and self-introduction using regular verbs. Visual aids and specific textbooks have aided in teaching beginning sounds to young private students. Additionally, the school accommodates private adult lessons, with one student being a restaurant owner eager to enhance his practical English skills through role-playing and vocabulary exercises. Online lessons are available to students not in the Yoga vicinity.

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