BumbleB English Monthly Update March 2024

Monthly Update March 2024

Welcome to our school monthly update for March 2024. Our school offers lessons for elementary school-aged children and above. In addition, we provide daily conversation and business English classes for adults. We offer onsite lessons at our school location in Yoga, Tokyo. Additionally, we provide Zoom lessons for remote students.

Please contact us at staff@bumblebenglish.com if you are interested in a trial lesson or have any questions about our school.

Group Lessons - Kids

As we entered the last month of the academic year, the students worked hard to finish their homework assignments and classwork. We also welcomed two new students: an elementary school student who attends a private school in Fukusawa and another who attends an elementary school in Futagotamagawa. We placed these students in our beginning classes, and they have adjusted well to our class environment.

We have finished adjusting our class schedule for the new academic year, which starts in April and placed all students in their new class time. In addition to our Monday evening junior high school class, we have created another class that meets on Thursday at 19:00. Most of our classes still have room for 1-2 more students, so we welcome anyone interested in joining our school to contact us.

Some parents and visitors may have noticed, but we have been more active on social media, primarily Instagram and Facebook. While we do not post pictures of our students online, we have posted some of our students’ classwork and materials. Please follow us to see what our students are up to and to learn more about our school.

Private Lessons - Kids

As mentioned in last month’s update, several students took the Eiken Pre-2 Level English proficiency exam. In March, we held several interview preparation classes and practiced the type of questions asked during the interview test. We are happy to announce that both students passed the interview portion of the exam!

As noted last month, two prior students notified us that they passed the Eiken Level 2 exam, and this month, they informed us that they also passed the interview portion as well!

Though we do not focus our regular classes on the Eiken test prep, our students gain English ability through conversation, vocabulary memorization, writing, and reading, all of which are useful for the Eiken test. We can also offer semi-private and private lessons for those students who want to prepare specifically for the Eiken test. Short-term study periods of 1-6 months are available.

Private & Group Lessons - Adults

We offer a group adult class on Wednesday mornings at 10 am and private lessons in the evening. Sadly, one of our adult students will no longer be studying with us as she is moving to a new company where she will use English most of the workday. During the time she studied with us, we covered many business English skills, such as expressing one’s opinion, making suggestions and talking on the telephone.

Our Zoom lesson student, who lives in Paris, is continuing to progress in her English studies. We are using materials that focus on France and Europe in general. One topic we covered was the design of the Paris Olympic medals. Each medal will have a fragment of the Eiffel Tower embedded in them. We also covered topics about parking in Paris and an article about traditional European dishes, such as Spain’s traditional rice-based dish of paella and moussaka, a traditional dish from Greece.


As we start the new year, we are enacting several new changes. First, we have changed our school schedule, and now we can teach pre-elementary students on Sundays and early-year elementary school students from 3pm—5 pm on weekdays. In addition, we have released our online school, academy.bumblebenglish.com, to our Level 1 students and will have Level 2 and Level 3 classes available during the next several months. This means students can access their material, audio, video, vocabulary quizzes, and more online.

Our enrollment is ongoing, and we welcome new students throughout the year. We do our best to assign students to the appropriate level.

We encourage anyone interested in our school to contact us for a free trial lesson. Online lessons are available as well for students regardless of location.

As always, please get in touch with us directly for information about our school: staff@bumblebenglish.com

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