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Here are some of the comments we’ve received from current and past students and parents. Be sure to also see those who provided a Google review. Google reviews of BumbleB English.

(Elementary School 2nd grade and 6th grade)

Because I work full time, it is difficult for my family to learn lessons during the week. We have lessons on Sunday mornings. If I have plans on Sundays, they offer a make-up date and time so that I can take lessons without having to change my schedule, which is very helpful. My daughter, who is shy and does not like to enter new environments, wanted to try it right after the trial. She enjoys playing games and the content keeps her interested. They follow up with us very closely, informing us of the lesson content and homework, and sending us audio recordings. I think the kind personalities of the couple make my child feel at ease and enjoy attending the school. I am thankful that it is not like an English class, but rather a fun way to experience English and to make them feel that they love English!

(Elementary School 6th grade)

We have been here for about four years now. Both the teacher and his wife are loving and very enthusiastic, and my son is happy to attend. I think it's a wonderful school with lessons tailored to the level of the child, seasonal events, Eiken preparation, and detailed care. I hope you'll let me continue to go to you in middle school and high school!

(Elementary School 4th grade, 6th grade)

The classes are small, so the teachers understand the children's personalities and tailor the lessons to their level, so I feel comfortable attending. There are many events such as Halloween and Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, etc., and both parents and children are happy to learn English in a fun environment. The teachers usually give us an environment and habit to think and respond in English by ourselves, so we naturally acquire English skills and will surely improve. I can be assured that I will be given detailed information about how the lessons are going each time.

(Elementary School 3rd grade & 6th grade)

We have been taking care of our children since about the same time they started elementary school. They are a loving couple who always look after the children with kindness, and although they are at home, they teach them well. They have many events and activities planned throughout the year, and we have been able to experience the real cultural side of the school. If possible, I'd like to keep them around even after they reach junior high school age and beyond! I am so grateful to live in Yoga and to have met you and your teachers.

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