“BumbleB” is a play on words. We named it “Bumble B” from the cute little insect bumblebee.

The biggest difference is that it is a family-owned school rooted in the community. As a bicultural family, we have taught our children not only to be able to speak English fluently but also to think critically and be curious about the world around them.

I would like to say that any student, but unfortunately it is not the case.

While different students have different personalities – some are shy or quiet, others are active and shy – the best seem to be those who have a combination of both.

Quietness is necessary to concentrate on learning and remembering words and phrases. Liveliness is also important for expressing one’s self more directly and creatively than in your native language.

When learning a foreign language, especially in English, you need to jump out of your comfort zone and express yourself in an unfamiliar way. That’s why we teach students to look at things from different perspectives and express them in their own style.

BumbleB English does not have a long-term contract system, so even after enrolling in the school, you can drop out without financial risk or time.

Lessons for children over elementary school-age are after school and Saturdays. We can find mutually acceptable times for our adult student students.

We also have lessons on weekends.

No, there are no semesters or class terms. You can enter or drop out at any time of the year. However, please let us know 30 days in advance that you will be leaving BumbleB English.

If you are unable to attend the lesson, please let us know as soon as possible.
Transfer lessons are only available if you notify us at least one day before the lesson.

Please note that if you cancel on the day of the lesson, you will not be able to use the transfer lesson.

Yes, we can offer transfer lessons. Generally, you can take transfer lessons up to twice a month. Please take these lessons within 60 days.
Please note that due to the limited number of classes, transfer lessons may be offered at other levels or online.

Most classes use affordable industry-standard materials. BumbleB English can provide the materials or you can purchase the materials yourself.

Yes. We strongly recommend that students study English outside the classroom on a regular basis.

Most classes have homework. There is homework including phrases and writing exercises, workbooks, and textbook content.

If you are likely to be late, please let us know as soon as possible. However, please note that there are likely other lessons, so we cannot extend the lesson time.

Yes. Normally we hold Christmas parties, Halloween parties, and Easter events.

Currently, we are limiting special events due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but we are planning to hold it on a small scale in the future.