Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The name, “BumbleB” is a play on words.  It is derived from the cute, little insect, the bumble bee (Bumble B).

The main difference is that we are a local school run by a family.  Our family is bi-cultural and we have taught our own children to not only be fluent in English but to also think critically and to have wonder about the world around them.

Even though we would like to say that every student can succeed with us, unfortunately this is not the case.

Though our students have a range of personalities from shy and quiet to brave and active, the best students tend to be a mixture of these personalities.

Calmness is needed to focus and concentrate on learning and remembering words and phrases.  But bravery is also important to express oneself more directly and more creatively than in their native language.

Learning a foreign language, especially English, requires students to step out of their comfort zone and to express themselves in unfamiliar ways. Seeing something from a different viewpoint and being able to express one’s own views are things we teach.  

Since BumbleB English does not have long-term contracts, students are able to join our school and quit without much financial risk or time commitment.

We provide Adult English lessons in the morning and after-school lessons for elementary school students and above.

We provide lessons on weekends as well.

No, we do not have semesters or terms.  Students can join or quit our lessons throughout the year.  We only request a 30 day notice before quitting.

Please inform us as soon as possible if a student will not be available for a lesson.  
Makeup lessons are only available if the school is notified at least one day before the lesson.

Makeup lessons are not available if lesson is cancelled on the lesson day.

Yes, we allow make-up lessons.  Usually we allow up to two makeup lessons a month.  These need to be taken within sixty days.
Please note, due to the limited number of classes, makeup lessons may be made with different level classes or online.

Most of our classes use industry-standard materials that are reasonably priced.  BumbleB English can either provide the materials or the student can purchase the materials on their own.

Yes.  We highly recommend students practice English outside of the classroom on a regular basis.

For most of our classes we require homework.  This can consist of practicing phrases, writing exercises, workbook and textbook homework, etc..

Please inform us as soon as possible if a student will be late to class.  Due to our tight schedule, we can not lengthen a lesson.

Yes.  We have held Christmas parties for each class, Halloween party, Easter Egg hunt in the past. 

Due to the Coronavirus we are limiting our extra-activities but we plan to offer them on a reduced scale in the future.

We have taken precautions to protect our staff as well as students.
Our class size is limited.

Everyone is required to wear a mask or face shield in class. 

Before entering and upon leaving, students are required to spray their hands with the provided alcohol spray by the classroom door.
Class desks, chairs, doors are all cleaned on a regular basis.

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