About e-learning and services

These tools are available to both our studentsattending classes onsite and remote students.Please contact us for more information.

Most tools are available only with free user registration.

Zoom is a platform for online conferencing and webinars. It is available for students who are attending our school and cannot attend classes, or for students who are online only.

Quizlet is a platform for learning vocabulary. In addition to the words often used in Eiken and TOEFL, a vocabulary that covers basic to advanced words is available.

Quizlet also allows you to create sets of flashcards or learn with sets made by others.

Bumble B English has created several flashcard sets for English vocabulary and phrases.

Search for study sets/classes using your school ID. BumbleB_English

These sets are free and available at https://quizlet.com.

Group lessons for children are mainly published by Oxford University PressUse the English learning materials from the Let’s Go 5th Edition series. The 5th edition offers online learning through the website..We recommend using this to study on days when there are no lessons.

For registration, please visit our website: https://letsgo5e.oxfordonlinepractice.com/app/

Watch the video to learn how to register and use the online practice site.

Seesaw is an educational platform that allows students to upload video, audio, and images to submit their homework. It is recommended for students to study remotely as they can receive feedback from the teacher.