Courses & Prices

Kids Group Lessons

Elementary to High School
¥ 8,650 per month

Adult Group Lessons

University to Adult
¥ 10,000 per month

Kids Private Lessons

Elementary to High School
¥ 17,500 per month

Adult Private Lessons

University to Adult
¥ 19,000 per month
All Courses include 6,500 annual fee that is paid with the initial payment and on the student's 12 month anniversary.
All prices are pre-tax

Kids Lessons: Elementary School to High School

For these levels we focus on listening and speaking skills. Emphasis is on becoming comfortable with English sounds.

Basic vocabulary such as colors, shapes, animals, letters of the alphabet are introduced.

From the Elementary School level we begin to use a textbook and workbook. Homework is assigned and students are expected to do homework each week. Phonics is continued to be taught at this level and increase in vocabulary is emphasized.

Writing and reading is introduced at the basic level with common words and short phrases. For higher level students we use supplemental reading material and short writing assignments are given on a regular basis.

Adult Lessons: University to Adult

Lessons for adults are customized to the students’ needs. We can provide materials and study related to current events, email and business correspondence, presentations as well as interview practice.

In addition, we can provide lessons related to the daily English found in movies and TV shows.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Payment Methods

Credit Card: We support Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB.
Bank Transfer

Notes: 1) Payment is due by the 10th of each month. For example, for July’s lesson fee, payment is due July 10th. 2) Annual fee payment is due with the initial lesson fee payment and is due at each subsequent yearly anniversary of enrollment. 3) Lesson fees are for four monthly lessons. For the first month, fees will be prorated based on the number of classes remaining for the initial month.


Customized lessons
Besides our monthly classes, BumbleB English also provides customized lessons (Eiken interview and test preparation, English Interview practice, English preparation for overseas travel, etc.). Please contact us for more information about our customized lesson services.

English study materials
The school uses commercially available study materials that can be bought at bookstores or on Amazon. The yearly cost is approximately 4,500 JPY. The materials can be purchased at the school or by the student directly.

Usually, BumbleB English holds several events during the year, including an Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, and Summer Programs. Student participation is optional, and we will confirm attendance. Printouts such as worksheets are included in the annual fee, but other materials used in these events may require a small fee. We will notify students and parents ahead of time.

School Vacation period
There will be no regularly scheduled lessons during spring break, August and the New Year’s period for kids lessons. Special lessons and activities may be held during these periods and are optional for students to attend. Additional fees may be required.  In that case, students/parents will be notified in advance.

Instructor absence
In the event of an instructor’s absence from a lesson, students will be allowed to reschedule the class, take another class offered during the week, or a refund
for the missed class. Please contact us if you cannot make a transfer due to  the instructor’s circumstances. If a student is absent due to the student’s convenience, a make-up lesson is possible but must be taken by the end of the following month.

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