Courses and Pricing

Kids group lessons

Elementary school to high school students
¥ 10,000 1 month

Group lessons for adults

College students and above
¥ 12,000 1 month

Kid's private lessons

Elementary school to high school students
¥ 20,250 1 month

Private lessons for adults

College students and above
¥ 22,000 1 month
All courses include an annual fee of 8,000 yen, payable at the time of the first payment and in the twelfth month following enrollment. All prices shown include tax.

Kids lessons: Elementary school to high school

These levels focus on listening and speaking skills. The goal is to get used to the sounds of English.

First, we will teach basic content such as colors, shapes, animals, and the alphabet.

At the elementary school level, we use textbooks and workbooks. Homework is given each week. We continue to teach phonics while also strengthening vocabulary.

At the basic level, we will introduce writing and reading using common words and short phrases. Students above the basic level will be assigned short writings on a regular basis using supplemental reading materials.

Lessons for adults: College students and above

Lessons for adults can be customized according to the student’s wishes. We can provide learning materials on current affairs, how to write emails, business English, presentations, etc. We also practice interview questions.

We can also provide lessons related to everyday English used in movies and TV shows.

Customized programs:

We also offer customized programs for individuals, small groups, and teams, either at our school or online. Examples of previous dedicated programs include:

  • Short-term English language program for students moving overseas.

  • English courses for corporate executives who need to improve their business communication skills.

  • Interview practice for students who are preparing to enter overseas boarding schools.

  • Preparation classes for Eiken and TOEFL for elementary, junior high, high school, and university students and adults.

Class schedule


Payment method

Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCBare accepted.
Bank transfer

Note: 1) Please pay by the 10th of every month. For example, July tuition fees must be paid on July 10. 2) The annual membership fee will be paid together with the initial tuition fee and will be paid on the anniversary of the enrollment every year thereafter. 3) There are 4 lessons in a month. Fees for the first month will be prorated based on the number of classes remaining in the first month.


Customized lessons

In addition to monthly classes, BumbleB English also offers customized lessons (Eiken interviews and test preparation, English interview practice, English preparation for overseas travel, etc.). Please contact usfor more information about our dedicated lesson service.

English learning materials
BumbleB English uses commercially available learning materials that can be purchased at bookstores and on Amazon. The annual cost is about 4,500 yen. Teaching materials can be purchased by BumbleB English or by students.students can also buy directly.

BumbleB English typically hosts several events throughout the year, including Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween party, Christmas party, and summer programs (participation is optional). Worksheets are included in the annual fee, but other materials used at these eventsmay incur additional charges, a small amount. In that case, we will inform you in advance.

School holiday period
Spring break, August, year-end and New Year kids lessons andThere are no regular lessons. Special lessons and activities during these periods.It may be held (participation is optional). We will let you know in advance if additional charges are required .

About the absence of the instructor.
the instructor is absent from the lesson, you can change the lesson schedule, take another lesson offered that week, or get a refund for the lesson you couldn’t attend. If you cannot take another class due to the instructor’s circumstances, please contact us. If you are absent due to the student’s circumstances, you can take a transfer class, but please be sure to take it by the end of the following month.