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Experienced Staff

BumbleB English staff have over ten years of teaching experience.

Personal Service

Our small school size ensures that each student is given personal customer service.

Student Results

Many of our students have gone on to pass EIKEN and TOEFL exams.


Office Manager & Co-Founder
Makoto is originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido. She studied art in Tokyo and has worked in several sales support roles including with a leading Japanese trading firm.
Makoto supports lessons at BumbleB English and manages parent communication and class scheduling.


Head Teacher & Co-Founder
James was born in Philadelphia, in the United States. He holds B.A. and an M.B.A degree from universities in California and New York, respectively. He has experience working for leading financial information companies and investment vendors.
In addition, he has been teaching English in Japan for over ten years to children and adults.
The Story of BumbleB English

BumbleB English Beginnings

[BumbleB, is pronounced like the cute insect, the Bumblebee, which  lives in small colonies and flies around collecting nectar and pollen.]

In late 2011, while our oldest child was in kindergarten, a parent of a fellow kindergartner asked if we could provide English lessons to her son.  We agreed, and soon after, a few other students requested to join.  After several months we soon had a small class of six kindergarten students, which we taught every Sunday morning.

During the first few weeks and months, the lessons focused on playing, singing, and very basic English, such as the alphabet and greetings. We thought these lessons were a great way for our children to improve their English while helping our friends’ children as well.

After a while, word spread among the kindergarten and neighborhood families, and we gradually added more students and more lessons.

Currently, we provide after-school lessons to elementary, middle school, and high school students. Besides after-school classes, we offer adult private lessons, special programs for phonics training, and private lessons for the EIKEN and TOEFL tests, as well as English interview preparation.

Since the Cornoavirus, we have begun offering online lessons as well via the Zoom platform.

As we expand the number of lessons and services, we will always offer a personal learning experience to each student at a reasonable and affordable price.

Please free free to contact us with any questions.


James & Makoto Williams

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合同会社マコスターズ MakoStars LLC.

MakoStars History

MakoStars LLC was formed in August 2015 so that we could grow and expand our English language services. Our goal is to promote a better understanding of the world through the knowledge and use of English. Our current services consist of our language school, BumbleB English, as well as our e-commerce business.

Through BumbleB English, we provide English lessons on-site at our classroom in Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo. We also offer online courses that are available to students throughout Japan.

In early 2018, MakoStars started selling books and study materials on Amazon Japan. Over the years, the company has increased the number of items available for customers and has contracted with leading publishers and distributors to provide items for our customers.

To date, MakoStars has completed over 10,000 orders on the Amazon Japan platform. Because of this success and our desire to serve our customers better, we have decided to provide our items directly to customers via our online store: MakoStars Shop.

We encourage you to visit either our online shop or our Amazon Japan store. If there is any English study material you cannot find through us, please let us know, and we will try to order through our suppliers.

In addition, our website, www.makostars.com, provides English-education related information and resources, including blog posts, product reviews, and educational tips. We encourage you to visit our blog site regularly for updates, MakoStars Blogs.

Please free free to contact us with any questions.


James & Makoto Williams

BumbleB English`s History

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