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Our students are working hard to improve their English proficiency test scores (Eiken, TOEFL, etc…), in addition, to preparing for school entrance exams and interviews. We also have students who want to study abroad and also improve their business English.


In class, students are given a global perspective by learning from an American viewpoint and learning about the similarities and differences with foreign cultures.


At our school, we encourage our students to actively particpate in class. This is key to improving communication skills and building confidence.


The BumbleB English teacher is a native English speaker, born and raised in the United States. Therefore, lessons are taught with an American accent and pronunciation in class.

English lessons are taught by our Japan-based American teacher.

BumbleB English teachers are based in Japan and have a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Japanese learners of English.

One-room schoolhouse.

The current location is a one-room classroom. This allows for compassionate, personalized lessons. There are two types of classes at our school: private classes and small groups (2-5 students).

Onsite classroom & online lessons

In addition to small-group lessons in the classroom, we offer online lessons via Zoom, regardless of location.

English education resources

We provide additional English tools to BumbleB English students. This includes classes using Zoom and additional online services. Our services are also available for native English speakers, returnees, and non-Japanese speakers. We have taught students with Chinese, Korean, Indian backgrounds.

Easy-to-understand pricing

The lesson fee is set at a simple and affordable price. We do not offer long-term contracts, but rather monthly payments by credit card, bank transfer, or cash.

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We accept new students throughout the year. From beginner to advanced students。Contact us[email protected] 又は



Our focus is on developing students’ speaking and listening skills. Since our group lessons are small (2 to 5 individuals), students can actively participate via presentations, Q&A, and self-introduction practice.

Our teacher is a native American English speaker, though explanations in how British English differ are also provided. In addition, lessons include audio and video components to enhance listening ability.



Lessons incorporate flashcards and online learning resources to introduce new words and terms tailored to the topic.

At first, you will learn about the sounds of letters, short and long vowels, and a mixture of consonants. We also use many supplementary reading materials such as Oxford University Press books, textbooks, question sheets, Eiken sentences, and online resources.



At our school, we offer classes that emphasize the pronunciation of American English. We teach using the introduction of phonics and how phonics sounds apply to writing and spelling.
Students improve their writing by using workbooks, printouts, and other material. This helps students learn how to progressively improve their writing from letters to 3-letter words, longer words, short sentences, and then longer, complex sentences.



Grammar is gradually introduced from the subject/verb match, singular/plural nouns, and verbs. Advanced classes for elementary and junior high school students also incorporate more complex grammar.

For regular group lessons for elementary and junior high school students, we use the English learning series “Let’s Go” published by Oxford University Press. We also offer monthly tests, preparation tests for the English language exams. Customized lessons specializing in Eiken, TOEFL or SAT can be created.

Private lessons and Customized Programs

We offer both private lessons and customized programs to suit the needs and abilities of our students. We support you regardless of your goals, such as Eiken, TOEFL, interview preparation for employment, and entrance examination preparation. Please contact us for more information on creating the program.

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