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BumbleB English Article - Best Passports

Best Passports

Although the country has lost its ranking to competitors in many fields lately, Japan can be proud to proclaim that their citizens are No 1 in the world for being able to travel the world with the least amount of hassle. According to the latest Henley & Partner’s Passport Index Report, Japan is ranked #1 in the world, for allowing its citizens to travel to other countries without a prior visa.

BumbleB English Article-Worker Quitting

They quit, Now what?

recent Time Magazine article, Bruner, R. (2021, November 8). They quit. Now what?. Time, 49-50, had several interesting examples of many young people (workers aged 20 – 34) quitting the workforce. The first individual spotlighted is seemingly living blissfully in Rome, listening to locals chat at cafes, and enjoying bowls of gelato. Her prior position, as a mental health therapist for at-risk youth, was apparently not fulfilling enough and now she dreams of being a telehealth practitioner. Another individual, aged 23, had spent five years as a hospitality worker and bartender and quit due to the work stress related to dealing with poorly mannered customers. Now she is studying and helping service workers organize for better working standards.

BumbleB English Tokyo Japan

A Student’s Perspective at an English-Language Undergraduate Program in Tokyo

Sophia University’s Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures (SPSF) in Tokyo, Japan, offers an English-based undergraduate education focused on Sustainable Development Goals and critical thinking. The program is relatively new and provides an international learning environment, boasting a faculty that includes both Japanese and foreign professors who are experts in their fields. Students in the program come from diverse international backgrounds, and courses are designed to foster critical thinking, active learning, and global awareness. Despite the challenges of language barriers and adjusting to a different educational culture, both Japanese and international students find the program to be a unique and fulfilling educational experience.

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